A.The APFSHT council shall consist of the Executive Committee, one (1) voting-delegate from each Full Member society, and one (1) non-voting delegate from each of the Associate member groups.  All Committee Chairs and a representative from each Commercial Member are welcome to attend all council meetings as guests.

B.Voting Delegate: Each full member society in APFSHT will be represented by a voting delegate, who is designated by his/her society.  The voting delegate of each full member society in good standing will have only one (1) vote on the council.

C.Non-voting Delegate: A non-voting delegate, who is designated by his/her group, will represent each Associate and Affiliate member group in APFSHT.  Each non-voting delegate in good standing shall be encouraged to participate in all council discussions, but shall not have a vote in council.

D.Executive Committee: The executive committee of the council shall be composed of all current APFSHT Officers, with the exception of any Under-Secretaries.  Each officer shall have only on (1) vote in council.

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